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Welcome To Zeus – Cash For Junk Cars

Do you have a junk car situation? Are you trying to sell your used non-running car? You may be wondering, “Where do I sell my car? Or who buys junk cars? Broken down vehicles can be an issue around your property. So make the wise choice of contacting a professional and local car buyer in Houston, Texas. We at Zeus-CFJC are now servicing all adjoining areas. Say goodbye to your non-running vehicle with one simple phone call, you heard right, you can now do the transaction over the phone, avoid all kind of inconveniences plus expenses your vehicle is causing, better yet, you can earn some quick bucks too and here is where we come in! Experience the easiest way to sell a car today!! How does it work? Learn more...

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Here Is The Deal!!

Our company can help you convert your junk car to hard cash in the easiest way possible. Zeus - Cash for Junk Cars will offer FREE!! towing service if needed, our services cover an area of 60-miles from our location.Please visit our SERVICE AREAS PAGE to find out if we cover your city. Then again, if you have made the decision to get rid of your car, allow us to help you out. We are ready to purchase your car today.

How Do I Get The Best Price For My Car?

Very simple, follow this 3-step process that is designed the easiest way for every customer and that allows you to negotiate and sell your junk car right from the comfort of your home.

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1. Call Us

Please contact us at our company cell phone to begin the enquiry at 832-516-3533 and send us some photos of your car, of course, you can always email them at info@sellmyusedvehiclehouston.com this way we will have a better idea of the actual condition of your car.

2. Provide Factual Details For The Best Quote

It is crucial to describe the factual details to our agents about the condition of the car such as any damages and condition of the engine, transmission, gears and clutch. Answer in detail any questions that they may have, such as:

1. Do you have the title?
2. What is the year, make and model?
3. Does the vehicle have any missing parts?
4. How much are you expecting for your vehicle?
5. Does your car need to be towed away?

Based on this information our agents will make a quick cash offer. Must be remembered, the newer model of your car, the most higher offer you will get.

3. Final Step

Once you are happy with the price offered, close the deal with us over the phone and we will make arrangements to pick up your car from your location and will tow it away for free, as well as hand over the cash we both agreed on. If you give us a green light before 2 PM. then, we can get the job done on the very same day!! We Buy Junk Cars
1. High mileage cars
2. In running condition
3. Accident damaged cars
4. Flooded cars
5. Burnt cars
6. Wrecked or Old cars
7. SUVs, vans, trucks

Why Opt For Zeus - CFJC?

What makes us unique and different? Here are some reasons to persuade you:

1. Free Towing Service will be provided with every purchase.
2. Your car will be removed the same day or scheduled at the time that best suits you.
3. We are reputed and reliable and have been in this line of work for some time now.
4. Our agents are highly proficient and have an unmatchable expertise in the car business.
5. Hassle free process and probably the easiest way to sell junk cars with proper legal paperwork handled to you.
6. We are a local junk cars buyers company which allow us to pay better than other nation-wide companies.

Benefits Of Selling An Inoperable Vehicle

Getting rid of your junk car will not only increase the aesthetics of your place, but you can have your share to protect the environment, plus, you can use that space for a running vehicle or items that require some room, besides, who doesn't need some extra cash!! So get rid of that eyesore and contact us at 832-516-3533 or 832 618 4093 today to get the best deal for your junk car!

Cash For Junk Cars
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Special Purchases

Here at Zeus - CFJC, are now buying running vehicles 2007 and UP, with minor or major issues, therefore, you will get higher cash offers for any used repairable vehicle. Most junk cars buyers focus their business in only scrap cars; Fortunately, we recognise the huge difference of a car ready to be dismantled or recycled from one that can be repaired. Get the money you deserve, we have gained a tonne of experience being in the salvage business for almost a DECADE.
This experience allows us to carry out our work guaranteeing the BEST of our capacity for YOU. Note: You must know all vehicles 2006 or older, are purchased just for parts and/or to be crushed. Our price range for junk cars 2006 or older is $100 to $400 as of 02-10-17. If you are finally moving forward to junk a car for cash, then, you should call Zeus - CFJC at 877-630-3393 or 832 618 4093.


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