Ready for a Spring Upgrade? Get Cash For Cars in Houston in Any Condition!

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Spring is the season for upgrades! Ready to level up your vehicle? We buy cars for cash in Houston and beyond. Turn your car into a down payment on something better. We are the perfect place if you have a car with mechanical issues and need it gone today. Our team will make you a hassle-free offer—call, text, or email!

Keep reading to learn more about our easy process and move forward.

Student Cash-Out: Trade textbooks for cash! Bring your car to our shop and get an extra $100. Call us and mention this offer to schedule your drop-off and claim your bonus! We love junk cars—any condition is accepted!

We buy junk cars

Simplified Process:

Let us make it easy for you to sell your car! This is how it works...

1. Contact Us.
Call us at 832-516-3533 or 832-618-4093 or email us at

2. Describe Your Car.
Share details like model, year, condition, and location.

3. Finalize the Deal.
Wait for our team, they usually take 45 minutes to an hour or 24 hours guaranteed. We will send you a map showing you the ETA and route so we both agree.

Cash for Your Car, the Zeus Way: Simple, Sustainable, Top Dollar

1. Maximum Cash: We beat competitor offers to get the most money for your junk car in Houston.

2. Zero Hassle: From quote to pick up, we make selling your car a breeze.

3. Earth-Friendly: We recycle responsibly, protecting the environment you love.

4. Service You will Smile About: Our friendly team makes the process fast and easy.

Free Towing for Your Convenience

We understand your car might not be running. That is why we offer free towing services with your cash-for-cars deal in Houston. No hassle for you!

Turn Your Junk Car Into Cash with Zeus

Zeus - Cash For Junk Cars handle your old, damaged car. We will offer top dollar, provide quick removal, and help you turn that eyesore into cash.

We Buy Any Car In Houston.

From well-used sedans to non-running SUVs, we offer a hassle-free, profitable solution for unwanted vehicles.

Salvage Titles? No Problem!

Stay calm about your car's title! We buy junk cars for parts regardless of whether the title is salvage, rebuilt, or clear. Our goal is to make selling your car easy, no matter the condition or paperwork.

Benefits of Selling Your Broken-Down Car

Here is why selling to us makes sense:

Save Money: Avoid expensive repairs.
Reclaim Space: Free up valuable garage or driveway space.
Be Eco-Friendly: Recycle your car responsibly.
Move On: Let go of a vehicle that no longer serves you.

Flexible Selling Schedule

Our services are available Monday to Saturday, tailored to fit your busy lifestyle. Remember to remove personal items like your EZ-TAG and Registration Sticker before anything.

Chatting with our team is a breeze, and you will be amazed at how simple and smooth our car-buying service is.

What Are The Requirements To Sell My Junk Car In Houston?

1) Title.

It is essential for sale, but we can assist with duplicate titles for Texas-registered cars.

2) VIN and License Plate.

It is necessary for us to verify and purchase your vehicle.

3) Photo Importance - Free Junk Car Removal.

Clear photos help us provide the most accurate offer for your car. Please include images of any significant damage or missing parts (including the catalytic converter). Open communication ensures a fair and smooth transaction.

Selling a Junk Car Without a Title in Texas.

The title is number one; however, if you have lost it, please provide VIN If you do not have the title, our team can occasionally help you obtain a duplicate title (cars registered in Texas ONLY). You must provide us with the VIN and License Plate Number; our agents will research your vehicle and let you know if we can purchase it. Please understand that the title is required even if we buy junk cars for scrap.

Lost Your Texas Car Title? Here is How to Replace It

Getting a duplicate title in Texas is easy! Here's what you need to do:

1. Complete the Application: Download the Application for a Certified Copy of Title (Form VTR-34) from the TXDMV website ( or pick it up at your local county tax office.
2. Provide ID and Pay the Fee: Submit the application, a valid form of identification (like your driver's license), and the fee (check with your county tax office for the exact amount).
3. Wait for Your New Title: The TXDMV will process your request, and your duplicate title should arrive within a few weeks.

Exciting News for Vehicle Owners!

We are thrilled to announce that we are now welcoming vehicles from 2014 onwards, even those that might need a bit of TLC. This means you could receive top-dollar cash offers ranging from $500 to $15,500 for any repairable used vehicle. Yes, you heard that right!

We have a keen eye for distinguishing between a vehicle that has reached the end of its road and one with the potential for a new lease on life.

Rest assured, you are poised to secure a fantastic deal for your car with us.

Leverage our nearly a DECADE of expertise in the automotive industry to get the most accurate market value for your car. Our seasoned experience ensures that we provide top-notch service, maximizing the value you get from your vehicle.

Need Cash for Your Car? We Buy Vehicles of All Ages and Conditions!

2014 and Newer: You will get a top-dollar offer ($500-$15,500) for repairable vehicles. We will find the best use for your car, whether resale or responsible recycling.
2013 and Older: We offer competitive prices ($200-$2,000) for vehicles ideal for parts or scrap metal.
A Decade of Experience: Get the most value for your car with our industry expertise and hassle-free process.

Where to Sign Your Texas Title?

If you have doubts about signing your title, Please follow this link for more information.

What Is A Release of Lien?

A Release of Lien is a legal document that proves you've fully paid off the loan on your vehicle. When you finance a car, the lender places a lien on the title, meaning they have a financial claim until you satisfy the debt. Once paid in full, the lender issues a Release of Lien.

Why is a Release of Lien important?

Establishes full ownership: This document shows that you are the sole owner of your vehicle, free from any lender’s claims.
Facilitates selling or transferring: You cannot easily sell or transfer car ownership without a Release of Lien.
Provides peace of mind: Knowing your car is fully yours offers financial security.

How to obtain a Release of Lien:

After paying off your car loan, obtaining a Release of Lien is straightforward. Simply contact your lender, who will typically provide the document for you to file with your state's motor vehicle department. It's a simple step towards securing your full ownership.

Need help with a Release of Lien?

If you have questions about the process or need assistance obtaining your Release of Lien, we're here to help!

Contact us at: 832-516-3533 (Or Toll Free at 877-630-3393).

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do You Sell Used Parts?
Unfortunately, we do not sell parts; we focus solely on purchasing vehicles.

Can I Still Sell My Junk Car If It Has Missing Parts or Has a Bad Title?
Some junkyards might take cars with missing parts, but a bad title can be trickier. Check with local junkyards about their requirements.

How To Know When Scrap Metal Prices Are Rising or Decreasing?
Check metal industry association websites or scrap metal recyclers for current scrap metal prices. Look for online news articles or market reports on the steel and metal industry for pricing trends.

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