Sell My Junk Car In Galena Park TX

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Sell My Junk Car In Galena Park TX

Maybe you have an old or unmovable car sitting right now in your yard or driveway taking up some space? You may also be paying quite an amount of money to house this car and always encounter problems any time you want to get rid it. We know that many people in your area face these problems but Cash For Junk Cars In Galena Park TX will help you solving this issue today.

Of course, you can now sell your used, old, damaged, or junk car for cash today with no risk involved. We pay top dollar and offer the best deal for damaged cars, wrecked cars, flooded cars, totalled cars as well as high-mileage cars, all makes and models no matter the condition.Many cars breakdown each year and end up as junk cars while others are totally damaged due to an accident.

Why Should I Sell My Junk Car?

Junk cars can be dangerous as it may injure a child or an elderly one. It can also be leaking fluids that can be damaging to the soil, plants and other materials. Therefore, it is important you get rid of it immediately rather than waiting like most people do. It is our goal to pay the most amount of money than anyone else.

Must be remembered, all vehicles 2006 or older are purchased just for parts, but, if your car is 2007 or newer, you will be really surprised by the amount of cash you might get for it. So if you have vehicles you no longer want, then, give us a call, promptly our drivers will be heading straight to your location, besides, we’ll bring our own tow truck, so you don’t have to pay extra for towing services.

Cash For Junk Cars In Galena Park TX

Cash For Junk Cars In Galena Park TX?

1.First, make sure you have the title handy.
2.Then, call us to speak to a real person and describe your vehicle’s condition.
3.Once you accept our offer, you can schedule at your earliest convenience.
4.Of course, we can pick up the same day if you call before 2:00 PM.

Do I Pay Any Extra Fees For Towing My Car Away?

Absolutely not! Our experienced tow truck drivers will tow your car or truck free of charge regardless of your location. We work with all vehicles, old and new, running or not. All you have to do is give us a call at 877-630-3393 or 832-516-3533.

Do I Need To Have The Title To Sell My Car?

Although the title is required for all vehicles, we can explain to you how to get a duplicate. Most of the time, if your car is free of liens, besides is registered in the state of Texas, we should be able to purchase it.

Take no gamble of selling your car elsewhere. Save time and avoid gimmicks. Freely Contact Us at 877-630-3393 or 832-516-3533, We buy cars in Galena Park TX 7 days a week.



  • You can finally get rid of your junk car.
  • The safest vehicle buyer company in Houston TX.
  • Get the cash you deserve for your vehicle.
  • We buy all cars, old and new, running or not.


  • Zeus made selling my totaled car very easy. The gentleman was very firm on his price which I thought was low but he was very flexible with me and came to tow it away no questions asked and paid cash. Very pleasant experience even if I didn't get as much as I hoped. That business though! Christopher Kohl
  • Bought my totaled car for the best price. Double what the second highest bidder offered. And very quick to come pick it up. Feliciano Montoya
  • I had a flooded car to sell and these guys saved me. They were the highest bidder (made me feel like they were fair) and the deal was done the same day. Paid me cash and took the car all at once. I'm quite satisfied. Kate Willis
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