FAQ’S to Zeus – Cash For Junk Cars

  • May 26, 2024

1. Who Are We And What Do We Do?

At Zeus - Cash For Junk Cars, our mission is to help you get a fair price for your vehicle regardless of its condition. We understand you want to recover as much as you can from putting money into a car you are finally getting rid of, logically is better to lose once and for all. Our services are available to provide the best customer support throughout the week.

What type of cars will we buy from you? We buy all kinds of cars, for instance: running, used, old, junk, wrecked, totally lost, flooded, fleet company trucks, damaged, post-accident, you name it, the best of all, you will get what your car is worth. We also accept any model of cars, trucks, and SUVs. But we do not buy buses or motorcycles.

2. How Fast Can I Sell My Car?

There are only a few steps required to sell your car to us:

  1. Call us at 832-516-3533, 832-618-4093 and get a quote.
  2. Please inform us about all the necessary details about your car.
  3. Get the cash offer in only 3 minutes over the phone.
  4. We will pick up your car on the same day after accepting the offer.
  5. You will get all the essential documents at the transaction time.
  6. We will pay you cash on the spot and provide you with free junk car removal.

Junk Car Pick Up

3. What Paperwork Will I Have To Undergo When I Am Trying To Sell My Car?

Usually, you will have to have only the car's title to sell it to us.

4. Will You Buy I Do Not Have The Title?

In this case, you must have the registration and the license to prove the authenticity of the ownership. The vehicle must be registered in your name in Texas, plus it must be free of liens.

5. Will You Buy My Car With No Keys?

If the title is in your name, why not?

6. How Much Will It Cost Me For Towing My Junk Car?

Our offers are automatically connected with a free towing service for our customers. You might have to bear some extra costs outside our service radius.

7. I Do not Have Registration; Is It Okay?

We will only require documents to prove your authentic ownership. We are ready to buy it anytime if you have the documents to prove it. Call us at 832-516-3533 for a faster response.

8. This Junk Car I Am Selling Is Abandoned. Will You Buy?

We are sorry, but we do not buy abandoned cars without documents to prove ownership.

9. Do You Sell Used Parts?

We do not sell used parts, Zeusjunkcars.com is dedicated only to purchasing all kinds of vehicles 2003 and newer. We highly apologize if this was your case.

Junk Car Removal In Porter TX

10. What Exactly Are Your Service Areas?

We offer our service throughout the Houston metropolitan area and around the 60 miles radius around that area. In case you are not so sure and want to know if you can get your service from us or not, you are just a call away from us.

11. I Want To Purchase Used Auto Parts For My Car. Will You Sell?

No, we do not sell auto parts.

12. I Agree To Your Offer. When Will You Come To Pick My Junk Car?

We will try to pick up that car on the same day. But if it is not impossible, we will let you know via a call. Don't worry, and we will give you time to prepare yourself to hand over your once-a-beloved car.

13. How Will You Pay Me For My Junk Car After Selling?

It is a flexible process. Usually,we buy cars for cash. But if some specific troubles are bothering us, we will pay via cashier's check from Bank Of America.

14. Will You Provide A Bill Of Sale?

Definitely! Our rep will have a bill of sale with the name of our company which plenty prove you sold a vehicle to our auto salvage company.

15. Do I Have To Be Present When You Come To Pick up My Car?

Usually, if you cannot stay present when we come to pick up your car, let us know beforehand. You need to provide proper documents for proving the ownership through someone before our arrival.

16. What is My Car Worth?

To get the most money for your car, you should get a free car appraisal online; there are some options: Nada, Houston Auto Appraisers, Gillman Chrysler, CarMax, to mention some of them.

Just remember, the real deal is when you call a car buying company and request a quote; if the car you are selling is completely a junk car, we will buy the vehicle for the weight.

All vehicles have different values. According to us, if there are some valuable parts, the evaluation will depend on their importance.

17. I Replaced The Tires. Can I Keep It Back?

You can go for it. We are mainly concerned with your junk car, not your replaced tires. However, you will not be paid for your new tires.

18. I had replaced most of the parts. Does it count?

We’ll buy a junk car depending on their weight. Reselling parts of the same model can be hard, so we will not be able to pay for them.

19. There Are Some Dues Left To Pay Off On My Car. Can I Sell?

No. We will buy that car only after you clear all the balances.

20. What Will You Do With My Car?

We will separate all unessential parts, squeeze out all fluids from the junk car, and then crush it, taking it to the shredder.

21. Is It Useful To You?

Definitely! Since its weight and other things evaluate a junk car, it's worth it.

22. How Much Do I Have To Pay For Getting A Quote?

Of course not; all our quotes are free.

23. Is Your Service Trustworthy?

We work with certified and licensed salvage yards only. Therefore, you can trust us completely. You can always call us for further details.

24. How To Junk A Car With No Title?

If you don't have the original title, but your vehicle is registered in Texas, send us the VIN so we can run it and help you get a duplicate of your title.

25. What Kind Of Titles Do You Accept?

All kinds of Car Titles are issued anywhere in the U.S. A. for instance: salvage, for parts only, flood-damaged, police auto auction, etc. Zeus - Cash For Junk Cars can help with any doubt you might have Call 832-516-3533, 832-618-4093

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