Cash For Flooded Cars In Houston

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We Buy Flooded Cars

If unfortunately, your car was flooded and you need to sell it, we are at your service. Logically you want to get rid of it as soon as possible, after checking your car out more likely the diagnosis was totaled loss, or it is going to cost more money than your vehicle is worth if you try to fix it. Well, Zeus - Cash For Junk Cars is here to help you out in this situation.

You might ask yourself: who buys flooded cars? or Where can I sell my water damage vehicle in Houston TX? Here at Zeus – CFJC are dedicated strictly to purchase most damaged vehicles in any condition, we are a local car buyer company working extra hours and even weekends to solve this issue. Do not let the stress of selling a car worry you after the flood.

How Does It Work?

Stер 1: Submit Your Information First, call us or text us to our company cell phone at 832-618-4093 or 832-516-3533, please send us pictures of your vehicles inside and out, inсludе details about the damage: How high the water got up to?
Stер 2: Rесеivе аn Offеr fоr Yоur Cаr Onсе thiѕ information iѕ соmрlеtеd, our reps immediately will make a fair оffеr fоr уоur damaged vehicle.
Step 3: Vеhiсlе iѕ Rеmоvеd it will bе ѕсhеdulеd for rеmоval the next 2 hours if you call before 2:00 PM or within 24 - 48 hours. A towing ѕеrviсе will соntасt уоu regarding thiѕ rеmоvаl tо еxреditе thе process. In addition, you will get free towing and cash payment on the spot.
With this in mind, you should take action now by calling 832-618-4093 or 832-516-3533.

Flooded Cars Prices

Some companies are too busy or they cannot purchase your vehicle because there is not enough profit in water-damage cars why? because unfortunately the motor, transmission and all electrical components are gone, most likely these vehicles will be crushed and sold by the weight. It’s hard for everyone to get rid of a flooded vehicle which not even a month ago its value was $3000 or even more for newer models and after the hurricane its value drooped down to less than $300.

We guarantee a minimum of $100 and up to $500 cash for vehicles 2004 and up. Now, some Japanese vehicles can bring up to $1000, must be remembered, the newer model, the most money you will get; of course, THE TITLE IS REQUIRED for all vehicles. Therefore, if you have made the decision to get rid of that flood-damaged car, freely call 832-618-4093 or 832-516-3533.

We Buy Flooded Cars

Sell your flooded car today! You do not have to pay for any towing and costly repairs, We Buy Flooded Cars “as-is”, we are sure you have contacted several companies and they cannot pick it up because they are super busy or you did not like what they offered.

Even though we cannot pay much, we guarantee a fair price and free towing service provided. Our reps will do all the dirty work and get your inoperable vehicle in no time. Give us a call or send us a text message at 832 618 4093 to experience the easiest way to get rid of a flood-damaged vehicle today. We will strive to pick up your vehicle same day if you call and accept our offer before 2:00 PM. You will receive a cash payment on the spot and lastly, you will solve your problem.

How Do I Sell My Flooded Car Today?

If you had made the decision and you’re ready to sell your damaged car, call one of our car buyers or fill out the form on this page to be contacted by a professional buyer. We’ll walk you through our easy and quick process plus answer any questions you may have.

Zeus – CFJC has been in this line of business for almost a decade and we are one of the most trusted names in car buying.

Cash For Flooded Cars In Houston

We Purchase Water Damaged Vehicles all around Houston, TX. at the fairest price.
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