A junk car also known as salvage is a vehicle that is no longer drivable or so damaged and would cost more to repair than the actual market value of the car. When a car becomes USELESS, you need the help of junk car buyer. When you already reached that decision to sell your junk car and get a good price for it but, unfortunately, it’s not as high as it used to be in the past. Yes, the price of scrap metals in the U.S is not as good as before. Why is the price so low you may ask? Much of this problem has to do with the state of the scrap metal industry.

So How Does The Price of Metal Affect the Price for Your Junk Car?

The price of scrap metal has plummeted in the last years. But why are scrap metal prices suddenly this low and how does that affect the junk car industry? Here we have few factors.

Low Demand in China and Other Oversea Markets

The call for scrap metal has dropped, and when demand is low, so is the price for your junk car. In the past, much of the U.S. scrap metal has been exported to China. But those sales have gone down because China’s domestic scrap metal industry is growing. Most of cars, machinery, and appliance sold inside the country are now ready for scrap yards. In response to this, China’s government has established a scrap metal collection centres. Secondly, China has become a world leader in steel production. Steel makes up about 65 percent of any junk car. In the last few years, the demand for China’s product has been dropping across the globe. Because of this, China now has surplus steel within its borders which leads to a reduction in demand for American or any other country’s scrap steel.

High Value of U.S Dollar

Another factor that contributed to the low price of scrap metal is the high value of U.S dollar. Strong dollar actually makes export business difficult. It means that importers will find it too expensive to buy scrap metal from U.S, for this reason, or, they simply have to buy less. A strong Greenback has another negative domestic impact. Imported goods are cheaper when you have a stable currency, more foreign steel being imported every day, so American manufacturing companies buy more of this imported steel than American scrap metals.

When Manufacturers Are Making Fewer Products

Car junk buyers are actually buying your car for the value of the scrap metal. Steel, Copper, Aluminum, and other metal components are sold to the manufacturers by scrap metal dealers who recycle these metals and turn them into new cars, smartphones, Electrical appliances, building materials and other everyday items. If the manufacturers of these items are not making many products, the price of scrap metals will definitely drop which in turn affects the price of your junk vehicle. With these factors, you can see that car junk yard didn’t suddenly start taking advantage of your junk car, as a matter of fact; low price for scrap metals is a problem many countries around the world are facing right now. However it does not mean you can’t get the highest price possible for your junk car, all you need to do is, do some research, get the value of your vehicle and contact the right car junk buyer. To get a fair price offer and a free towing for your junk car, visit:


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