I Have Gotten Into A Car Accident

Junk Cars Buyers Near Me

Were you involved in a car accident and you are asking yourself Should I fixed my wrecked car? Is my car worth fixing it? The answer to these questions is part math for instance: it does not make any sense to spend $4000 to repair a car with a book value of $3000, and the other part is considering your personal situation. Let's say your car it's worth fixing it, do you have enough funds to get it back on the road? both factors will help you to determine whether you keep it or get rid of it.

How To Get Rid Of Wrecked Car??

First and foremost you need to figure out if your car is repairable or not. How do you figure out this situation? There are a few options to do it:

1. You can start by getting a free car appraisal online, this will give you a rough estimate of your car's worth on the open market.

2. Have your car checked out by a certified body shop, you might have to get at least two different estimates to compare pricing.

3. Seek for Junk Cars Buyers Near Me to get an offer "as is" or Google Who Buys Wrecked Cars?

4. Posting an ad online to sell it on your own, although sometimes it is a waste of time.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fixing A Wrecked Car

Since you know the car very well you know the car will be "OK" after fixing it, the true is there are no guarantees that it will not break down in the future, besides, it will be almost impossible to recover all the money you put into it. Most wrecked cars that have been fixed are noticeable, this will be a major issue whenever you decide to sell it.

By another hand, some of the benefits of fixing your car after the accident are:
You do not have to pay any car notes in case you buy a new one.
The cost of fixing your wrecked vehicle is lower than purchasing a new one.
If your car has low miles, definitely you want to keep it.
Sometimes the sentimental value it's bigger than any material one.

Who Buys Wrecked Cars

So if you come to the conclusion of getting rid of your wrecked vehicle “as is” your best option is to call a local junk car buyer. We at Zeus- Cash For Junk Cars are always interested in most wrecked vehicles 2003 and up, all our offers include free towing service, same day service if you require it, better yet, scheduled at your convenience; is a family owned company servicing The Greater Houston Metropolitan area. Experience the easiest car selling process with us by calling 877-630-3393 or 832-516-3533, you can also email us at we are ready to purchase your car now, we pay cash on the spot and do all the paperwork for you. Must be remembered, the title is required for all vehicles.
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