Houston Junk Car Removal

  • May 26, 2024

Hi Houstonians and people in adjoining areas, if you have a junk car that’s taking up space someplace on your property, or at a shop and you need ASAP Junk Car Removal In Houston, you have landed at the right place. Most people don’t know that even clunkers are worth a couple hundred dollars depending on the year, make, model, you heard right, instead of giving it away for free or paying a tow company to get it out of your yard, you should get some cash for it.

There’s no need to take your wrecked car to a junkyard, instead, you can contact ZeusJunkCars.com to come and tow your car away, in addition, free towing will be provided, this is the best way to get rid of junk vehicles. Don’t wait until you get a City Warning, avail our fast, easy and secure services.

who buys junk cars in Houston

How Does Junk Car Removal Work?

Allow us to ask you 4 questions:

1. Do you have the title?
2. What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?
3. City and zip code where the vehicle is located?
4. Can you send us pictures, so we can make our best offer over the phone?

You can also fill out our easy contact-form, please attach at least 4 images of the vehicle, once we get them, then our reps will be able to make an offer.

Simple as that, you can get your car picked up the same day if you call before 2:00 PM. Depending on the traffic.

We buy most cars in any condition for instance:

Water- Damaged
Totalled Vehicles
Company Vehicles Not Running
High Mileage

Why Choose Zeus - Cash For Junk Cars

Our company will do our very best to give you a great experience without any hassle or gimmicks, after been for almost a decade in the junk cars and used vehicles business, we have helped people when it gets to remove a junk vehicle, we are a family and owned operated company, not fancy, not huge but fair.

So, if you already try to sell your junk car online or posting adds on newspapers, freely contact us, you don’t have to spend countless hours waiting for random people coming to your house, we are here to assist you now!

By another hand, let us be honest, even though you are getting paid for your junk car the real benefit is the convenience, not the money. We encourage you to get a free car-appraisal, so you will not be surprised when you call us or any other company.

Sell Junk Cars For Cash

Sell Junk Cars In Houston The Easiest Way!

ZeusJunkCars.com has the easiest and simple junk car buying process and understand completely your situation, don’t worry about that broken-down vehicle stressing you out, we can be your number one resource when it gets get rid of a junk car, just give a buzz at 832-516-3533 to give us a quick overview.

Whether the car has just minor damage or is completely totaled, rest assured will be able to purchase it, nonetheless.

The description of the vehicle is very important so you can get the most accurate price quote.

Our tow truck operators will provide a bill of sale and hand you the amount of cash agreed on. Wait no longer!

Then again, if you are searching for junk car buyers near me, make that call at 832-516-3533 our reps are always here for you.

Freely call us 832-516-3533, 832-618-4093 or Toll-Free 877-630-3393

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