Cash For Company Vehicles

  • May 26, 2024

Do you have some used fleet vehicles for sale? Is it time to upgrade your fleet? Perfect, will help you avoid the headaches and complexities of attempting to sell your fleet company trucks, cars and SUV's. High mileage, wrecked vehicles, water-damage are more than welcome. It can be hard to get rid of a used vehicle sometimes because not many people are interested in commercial vehicles, luckily, you found us so you can sell as many vehicles you have.

You don’t have to advertise your vehicles anywhere; better yet, you will obtain cash on the spot or certified cashier check; once a sale price has been agreed upon, you can schedule a free pick-up at your convenience. Our reps are trained to make an instant cash offer, talk to a real person by calling us.

Rosenberg TX

How Do You Work and Appraisal?

·Call 877-630-3393 to provide us some information on your commercial fleet vehicles for sale.
·Our reps will request 3-4 pictures of each vehicle. Please email them at
·If there are have more than 3 vehicles for sale, our reps will come to your location.
·If you are only selling one vehicle, you will get a cash offer over the phone.
·Once you accept the offer, you can select the day and time to finalize the deal.
·All vehicles will be picked up the day we agree on, no doubt.
·Of course, all our offers include free towing service.

Given these points, you should act now and Call Us

Requirements To Sell Used Fleet Vehicles

1. The original title and key.
2. Release of lien (in some cases). Please call for more details.
3. Your expected asking prices.
4. Details of whether your vehicle will need to be towed
5. Details of any missing parts.
Although title and key are required, our team can assist you with the process of getting a duplicate for a lost title. If you have any question about our services, please call us at 832-516-3533 or 832-618-4093

Who Buys Company Trucks

Simple and Quick Transactions

Then again, if you are in Houston, Texas or anywhere within a 60 miles radius and you are willing to let go some of your Company Vehicles that are just taking up space in your parking lot, let us help you to finalize your vehicle sale as quickly as possible, hassle free. Our Cash For Cars program includes all kind of vehicles, regardless of the condition; you are just a quick phone call away from removing your unwanted vehicles from your property. will buy any size of a fleet regardless of the condition, it is understandable these are working trucks, which means, some of them will have high mileage with minor or major issues.

Call Us before junking your used fleet trucks, cars or mini vans, most of these vehicles can be recycle or used for parts.

What Areas Do We Service?

All around Houston, TX. including an area of 60 miles from our location please visit our Service areas page. If you are inside the beltway, you will get picked up the same day. If your vehicles are outside the beltway, within 48 hours maximum after closing the deal.

It will unethical from our end not encourage you to get a free car appraisal, this will not give you an accurate price, but you will get an idea what your company trucks might be worth.

The number here is 832-618-4093 in order to start the process with one of our skilled purchase advisors

Seal The Deal purchases from year model 2003 to 2018. Note: All vehicles under 20010 year-model, will be purchased just for parts, to be recycle or the weight. Must be remembered, if you have late model trucks 2009 or newer you will get high pricing guaranteed, avail our services, you will be surprised by the amount of money you will get for your company trucks. However, sometimes we cannot purchase some vehicles because we have several in stock. Our reps will point you to a different buyer. Related Pages: Cash for Repairable Cars

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