We Buy Junk Cars in Houston, TX.

Welcome to Zeus Used Vehicle and Junk Car Buyer.

If you live in Houston, TX. or within a 60-mile radius and are willing to sell a running vehicle or just a junk car, look no further. Our company is always interested in buying all kind of salvage cars: high mileage, company vehicles, damaged cars, mechanical challenge, flooded cars, etc.

Has your car reached the end of the road? No problem, you don’t have to keep fixing every third day; we want you to know, that we will pay you for that golden oldie. It’s hard to get a good amount of cash for those heaps, but we love those heaps and we want to help you out with this issue.

Here at Zeus, we buy junk cars as well as running vehicles at truly fair prices. Get top dollar on the spot for your car, besides, you do not have to bring it all the way to our location to get it sold; in addition, free towing service provided.

How easy?

Your time is very valuable, so, when you call us (and you’re in Houston), we’ll make sure to come to your location and make the deal on the very same day if you call before 2:00 PM. plus you will get free towing service with every purchase.
So next time you’re wondering: “Who do I sell my car to?” or “Who buys junk cars in Houston? There’s only one name you’ll need to remember –Zeus Cash For Junk Cars Houston!
Call us today to experience same-day, hassle-free, cash on the spot transactions for your junk vehicles!

How does it Work?

We buy junk cars all day long, allow us to walk you through our Cash for Junk Cars Program.  Quickly you will be surprised by how easy it is to get paid for your junk vehicles.

  • If you have made the decision to sell your vehicle, please call us at 832 516 3533 and/or 832 618 4093 to give us a brief description of your car, it’s year, make, model, any issues, running or not etc.
  • Agents will make a cash offer based on the information you provide, if you accept our offer, you can select the day and time to get picked up.
  • Just wait for our driver, once he arrives, provide title and keys and instantly get the amount agreed over the phone. The car will be hooked up and towed away at no cost to you.
We Buy Junk Cars
Sell Us Broken Down Truck. Free Towing Provided.


 Special Purchases

Zeus Cash For Cars is now buying running vehicles 2006 and onward, with minor or major issues, therefore, you will get even more for any used repairable vehicle. Most junk cars buyers focus their business in only scrap cars.

We have gained a ton of experience being in the salvage business for almost a DECADE. This expertise allows to provide a professional experience that allow us to perform our job to the BEST of our ability for YOU.

Note: You must know all vehicles 2005 or older, are purchased just for parts and/or to be crushed. We would not be able to pay much. ($100 to $400) price range as of 06-2016.

When you need the best cash for junk cars service, you should call Zeus. 832 516 3533 We buy junk cars all around Houston and in the surrounding areas.

How can I get the best offer for my vehicle?

Simply send us pictures to our company cell phone, 832 618 4093, also, you can email us at info@sellmyusedvehiclehouston.com this will give us a better idea of your car. Then our agents can make the best cash offer over the phone. It’s crucial you describe your car “as is” so we can give you the right quote.

We will strive to answer quickly, either by phone call or email. We appreciate your time, therefore we guaranteed our customers a rapid response. Emails will be replied to within an hour or less.
As simple as that, you can get your vehicle sold in the next 5 minutes. Our speedy cash for junk cars service pays you the most value for your used car and puts cash in your hands.

It would be unethical not to invite you to get a car appraisal prior to calling us or any other company. This way, you will already have an idea what your vehicle is worth.

Do you have any question? Freely call us at 832 516 3533.


Why is Zeus the best cash for cars program in Houston?

  1. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you will be taken care of by true professionals.
  2. Our staff are highly skilled and have years of experience in the car business.
  3. Surely, you will get picked up at your convenience, so you do not have to waste any hours of work. We understand people have different schedules, for this reason, we work extended business hours for you.
  4. No matter how far out your car is located, our junk car buyers will come to your house, workplace or shop.
  5. Easy car selling process and secure transaction, buying junk cars in Houston is all we do. Allow us to help you getting rid your car the easiest way today.
  6. Our company is local which differentiates us from nation-wide enterprises, who usually cannot pick up same day, due to tons of work they have.

Given these points, you should take action now.

Do I need the title and keys to sell my vehicle?

First thing to remember, title, key and a form of identification are required for all vehicles. Of course, we can help you by getting a duplicate of a title occasionally, (cars registered in the state of Texas only). You must provide us the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and License Plate Number, then, our agents will do research on your vehicle and will let you know if we can purchase it or not.
Where do I get a duplicate of a Texas Title? Please click here.

What kind of titles do we accept?

Most kind of titles, click in the following links to have a better idea. Vehicles titled anywhere in the U.S. (salvage, for parts only, flood damaged, police auto action, etc.)
Out of State title
Salvage title
Certified copy of the title
Original Texas Title
If you do not have your title, please click in the following link to find out how to get one:
Get a copy of my Title. Click Here >>
Only for vehicles registered in the state of Texas.


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